VR Video Production Equipment

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VR Video Production Equipment

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I am not sure I am in the right subforum, if it is the wrong one please do not hesitate to move this thread.

What video equipment (and software) would I need to shoot a professionally looking company tour in VR (not necessarily 3d).

The Idea is that for instance on fairs a potential customer can put on a VR-Headset and take a company tour.

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Re: VR Video Production Equipment

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You can use a 360 camera for this, though the professional setups can be costly. 3D is not common and is more complex.

On the consumer side there is something like the Ricoh Theta, and I've seen others that may come out soon. Or you could get a rig/mount for multiple cameras but have more work to edit/stitch the videos together.

I actually haven't much experience with this myself, so I don't know what the best solution is, but it should be possible.
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