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Contact: Photo and Video Gallery Now Open!

Post by Neil »

Hello everyone!

The MTBS Photo and Video Gallery is now open!

It is accessed by clicking on the "Gallery" option in the "Community" menu tab from the main page.

To view 3D images on your 3D monitor or display without the tedious task of downloading and viewing them outside your browser, follow this guide: ... ews_id=61/" onclick=";return false;

We have also added the "Unofficial MTBS S-3D Compatibility Database" in the gallery for our members to properly submit games they think work well in stereoscopic 3D, and the game and driver settings needed to get the best results. This will not be an official MTBS certification list, but it will be a valuable user generated reference tool for our members. Please only upload one picture per game in this section.

To upload pictures, you MUST be registered in the gallery, and you MUST be logged in to Here are some other important things you need to be aware of:

1. Your username and password is the same here as it is for the MTBS forum. You don't need to register a second time.
2. To send a file, you must hover your mouse over the "@" link to see the "Upload file" option.
3. When submitting an S-3D screenshot, it must be "Game Title, Driver Family" (e.g. CoolGame, NVIDIA).
4. Upload all "Unofficial MTBS S-3D Compatibility Database" submissions to the "Pending Submissions / Unreviewed User Uploads" album.
5. Submissions to the "Unofficial MTBS S-3D Compatibility Database" must have ALL the fields filled, or they won't be accepted.
6. Leave the S-3D compatibility fields blank when submitting for images OUTSIDE the "Unofficial MTBS S-3D Compatibility Database".
7. Like the MTBS forum, the MTBS gallery requires proper registration. You MUST be logged in to and the gallery to see the "Unofficial MTBS S-3D Compatibility Database" section.
8. File uploads are limited to 60MB in size.
9. You can use "URL uploads" to submit a direct image link, and the gallery will automatically upload it for you. You are limited to 5MB file sizes with this functionality.
10. Adult or offensive content will NOT be accepted here. Your gallery privileges can be revoked without warning.
11. The "Unofficial MTBS S-3D Game Compatibility Database" is unofficial. This is based on dynamic input from our members, and while it is a valuable tool, it should not be taken as an official record of video game compatibility with S-3D devices by MTBS. Once the admins approve your submissions, they will be moved to the main gallery.
12. If you have a language preference, at the end of the gallery URL, put "index.php?lang=your language choice" (e.g. Italian, French, German, etc.)
13. If you're experiencing problems, please post them here:" onclick=";return false;

Have fun!

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Post by sharky »

some other important informations:

- supported fileformats: check the table below, only those formats are supported! every other format will result in a error! please keep in mind that who watches needs to have the player installed so it is better to avoid certain formats like those wich use real player.

- youtube files (flv) are NOT supported. you can use this site: to download the already converted version of a clip and then post it.

- if you upload a video, and have a thumbnail for that, send it to me trough email and i will upload it (sharkyenergy AT hotmail DOT com)

- if in one album there are MANY pictures of the same game, then we are going to create a subcategory for that specific game.

- remember to credit the site where you have taken a image or clip in your description.

- as neil said, have fun fun fun.. :)


Extension - Associated player

asf - Windows media player
asx - Windows media player
avi - Windows media player
bmp - No player
gif - No player
jpeg - No player
jpg - No player
mov - Apple QuickTime
mp3 - Windows media player
mp4 - Apple QuickTime
mpeg - Windows media player
mpg - Windows media player
pdf - No player
png - No player
pps - No player (power point)
ppt - No player (power point)
psd - No player (photoshop)
rm - RealMedia player
swf - Flash player
tif - No player
tiff - No player
wav - Windows media player
wma - Windows media player
wmv - Windows media player
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