Newbie question about manual focus settings

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Newbie question about manual focus settings

Post by vulkan »

I tried asking on the tridef forums but go no response.

Is there a guide to the manual focus settings? I'm trying tridef with FSX and the autofocus doesn't seem to work well. Clouds have a lot of separation but closer objects have zero separation (like the control stick on the cockpit) - which is the opposite of how things should be (anything inside the cockpit area is practically 2D).

Does anyone have any pointers on manually adjusting these settings?
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Re: Newbie question about manual focus settings

Post by Earmack »

First read MANUAL about tridef 3d ignition, and second do it like this if you need more advanced afto-focus:

"If you really want to modify a DDD profile, you can go to the profile folder, make copy of that profile and rename (DDD) to (Username). This new profile is now modifiable in game. It is considered a hack that we do not officially support."

After that just run ignition with game u need, push 0 (open OSD) than u find "PROFILE"....and do it whatever u want :shutter
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Re: Newbie question about manual focus settings

Post by Chtiblue »

For anyone still interested with bypassing those auto focus problem in Tridef, I finally get Tridef working properly in Geo 3D with auto focus On without it switches focus every 3sec!

wSo hen in Tridef OSD you need to use num keys 1,2,3,4 to navigate and 5 to validate.
So after searching all the option, I found you need to go in rules and disable both "follow 3D objects " to stop auto focus making bullshit.
Then you can have perfect geo 3D like 3Dvision and Geo11

Finally I can replay Tomb Raider 2013 like it should without searching for this f-----g 3D shader hash to make it work with Geo 11 😎
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