Geo-11 works with Luci Immers HMD!

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Geo-11 works with Luci Immers HMD!

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Hi guys, I'm excited to report that the Luci Immers HMD is working with Geo-11 in Windows 10!

A bit of intro on Luci Immers. It is basically a HMD with 2x OLED in 3840x1080 (1920x1080 + 1920x1080) at 60hz. It started off on Indiegogo and the delivery was super delayed and not everyone received their devices. The developer basically vanished shortly after shipping god-knows how many devices. So there is no more support from Luci :(

My device was gathering dust in the drawer until I came across the Geo-11 driver. OMG! I never thought I could play games in 3D Stereo again with the latest hardware.

I tried Ori and the Will of the Wisps with the HMD and it works flawlessly in SBS mode. I had to dial down the Separation though. The default 100 is too much somehow. 40 is good.

I wish Geo-11 can output FULL SBS too instead of just Half SBS. The Luci Immers now just stretches out each half of the SBS to fill up the full Left and Right screens. So the result image is in correct Aspect Ratio and Full Screen, but only in 960x1080.

If you are interested in this HMD, there are plenty of owners selling theirs because they think that it is just a paper weight without any support. To us 3D Stereo games, it just happens to work with Geo-11!

The lens are not exactly sharp for the entire screen but it is OLED in Full HD without any perceivable screen door effect! I even managed to overclock it to 72hz with CRU :)
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Re: Geo-11 works with Luci Immers HMD!

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how do you get geo11 working with hmd?

is it just this hmd that can only do half sbs or can other hmds do full sbs?

i am trying to find a full sbs solution for my wmr hmd for games that have support in helixmod/geo11
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