MTBS Interviews Nicholas Routhier, CEO of Sensio

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MTBS Interviews Nicholas Routhier, CEO of Sensio

Post by Neil »

Post your thoughts and questions here. Looks like they have some exciting things in the works!

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Post by staticbuddha »

what a great interview, and what great news for the word of 3D, I feel his reply at the end sums up the interview and makes me feel good that 3D is truly the next step in the world of TV's and Gaming :)

READs: Stereoscopic 3D has been around for many years and we at SENSIO have been deeply involved for almost 10 years now. We’ve never seen such a level of excitement in the industry and it looks like every 3D enthusiast’s dream of a vibrant 3D home entertainment industry will become a reality in the coming years. To all the MTBS members and fellow 3D fans, your enthusiasm and commitment to stereo 3D is greatly needed and our efforts will soon be rewarded!

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Post by artox »

A pretty good interview, quite informative. I do hope that game developers use such an algorithm in future games, because currently I am seeing some inadequate proportions. It will be hard for Sensio to become the dominant 3d format (a format war is inevitable) , but the fact that no additional bandwidth is needed is great and is really going to give them a competitive edge. I am interested, hovewer in how exactly such a compression is achieved without any quality loss.
As for the 2d to 3d conversion - it may not be as good as the real thing, but it's basically the only option they have to promote their product at this time, because I doubt Sharkboy or Spy kids are going to build much hype, but if they get Beowulf if would be great.
I keep wondering if companies like Sensio and Iz3d were to become partners or merge what kind of wonders would there be on the horizon.
I'm really grateful for the mtbs portal keeping in us in touch with all things stereoscopic :)

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Post by LukePC1 »

I don't get, how their converted picture is differently... how do they store the depth? Is it 2D + Depth information in it? Or is it 2*2D (= S-3D) with all the additional stuff not shown?

I wonder about TDV-codec... it sounds like they are both relativly similar... lets see, who wins :)

And why don't make multiple software codecs? There are 5+ different video codecs already out there and they live together...
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