Gamma and Brightness

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Gamma and Brightness

Post by Freke1 »

I found this page about monitor adjustment:
and created a 3D picture that can be used to adjust gamma and brightness:


Basicly Your gamma level is where the (grey) color look the same across the gamma scale
and You brightness level should be so that the "black level A" is visible up to Your gamma level.
The guy recommends gamma level 2.2.
I inserted a few colored images to adjust the color (Digital vibrance) by.

This is what I get with CRT + shooterglasses :D :

Stereo Properties:
- Stereo Gamma setting: 1.20
Color Correction:
- Color profile: Standard mode
- Digital Vibrance: 1/3 of low (not much)
- Brightness: 101%
- Contrast: 97%
- Gamma 1.00

(This also reduces ghosting a bit).

I adjust the monitor to UltraBright and up the red color to max.
It take some time to adjust because brightness changes gamma too :P
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Post by pixel67 »

Nice freke1. I think we should create a sticky thread that contains IQ tweaks like this. What do you think?

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Post by Neil »

We just have to be careful because this calibration may not work equally well on all solutions. For example, I don't think it works well with my iZ3D monitor, though others may have a differing opinion.


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