Heli Hell 2 - joystick setup help

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Heli Hell 2 - joystick setup help

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Can someone pls tell me how to control this heli. First of all, when I start the game Im in the gunner position?? why? and better yet, how do I move to the pilots position. And maybe that is why I cant control the helicopter with my joystick when I press j? When I move the joystick around it moves in weird positions even though I mapped it with joytokey.
Im using a msffb2 joystick and I have ch pro pedals. How do I map the joystick and pedals? using joytokey? if so, how do I map the throttle slider?
I just don't get it, I tried re-installing it, also when I press enter it takes me out of the game with some error msg.

Any recommendations?

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