Cheapest pair of entry-level SBS 3D glasses/HMD?

Don't know the first thing about S-3D? Just bought your first pair of 3D glasses? Trying to figure out what to buy? Post HERE!
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Cheapest pair of entry-level SBS 3D glasses/HMD?

Post by saucercrab »

I'm wanting to begin experimenting with 3D games and development, but currently have no way of viewing side-by-side images on my PC.

I've looked into several HMDs - and will probably ultimately go with the Zeiss Cinemizer - but am wondering if there's anything around the $200 mark for me to begin with.

The FatShark Base 3D goggles look nice, but I cannot figure out if they will run SBS 3D. From what I've read, passive SBS 3D simply relies on a correctly-divided resolution to provide each eye with the appropriate image, but I fear this is too good to be true. What about MyVu?

Thanks for any help at all!

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Re: Cheapest pair of entry-level SBS 3D glasses/HMD?

Post by cybereality »

For $200, probably not. Anything you might find for the price is likely crap and not worth bothering with.

I have got to try to Cinemizer OLED and it was really quite nice. Obviously not as good for VR as the Rift, but for stuff like 3D movies or non-VR games it seemed pretty cool. However, if you are doing development, it might make more sense to get an Oculus Rift DK2.

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