How-To CORRECTLY Encode 3D for YouTube!

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How-To CORRECTLY Encode 3D for YouTube!

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It took me months of trying and giving up and trying again, etc. to find this out. Thought this would be a good place to post it for reference.
TL,DW, TL,DR: You must encode your video file as FULL-side-by-side then add the correct metadata to it as an MKV file using ffmpeg with the following command:
ffmpeg -i inputfile.mp4 -map 0 -c copy -aspect 1920:1080 -metadata:s:v stereo_mode=left_right outputfile.mkv
There are links to bat files and a copy of FFMPEG that will do this for you just drag and drop your full-sbs file or your Hsbs file and it will resize it and add the needed metadata (see the different bat files and their descriptions). I hope this helps anyone really wanting to post some nice 3D content, which is especially great to view on an HMD like the Oculus Go, or whatnot ;)

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Re: How-To CORRECTLY Encode 3D for YouTube!

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Super useful! Thanks for sharing.

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