Tobii 4C not acting like proper mouse in FPS game

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Tobii 4C not acting like proper mouse in FPS game

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I am trying to get a script to work with a Single Player game called Lovely Planet. The script will run, but nothing happens as soon as the game is operating. The character will not move. If I press ESC, the mouse will respond to FREEPie, but when I resume the game, it does nothing. Does FREEPie not override the mouse/replace desktop mouse? Does it need a different Authority to run ALL programs like a mouse? Here is the script by Centuri0n that I'm using :

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from ctypes import *
user32 = windll.user32

def update():
   global enabled
   looking = tobiiEyeX.userPresence == "Present" and enabled
   if (looking and enabled):
      posx = tobiiEyeX.gazePointInPixelsX
      posy = tobiiEyeX.gazePointInPixelsY

if starting:
   enabled = True
   tobiiEyeX.update += update
toggle = keyboard.getPressed(Key.F4)

if toggle:
   enabled = not enabled
Thank you in advance!

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