DK2 + Windows 10 possible?

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DK2 + Windows 10 possible?

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Hi there.

I can't seem to get vireio to work with my DK2 and skyrim.
Using Vireio 2.1.6 (I've also used the Vireio DLL installer tool so DLL links are in the skyrim game folder) Skyrim launches on my main monitor and i get the message "HMD not detected".
I've also tried vireio versions 3.0.1, 2.0.6, and v4_alpha_release_3 all of which crash skyrim on startup or do nothing (skyrim starts normally on main monitor)
Oculus runtime: Oculus home (I think that's 1.3)
OS: Windows 10

Oculus and SteamVr games work fine.

Also to note: when launching with 2.1.6, I'm unable to select my DK2 as the monitor - probably due to me not being able to set my dk2 as an extended monitor as that is not supported by any runtime that works with windows 10 afaik.

Any help and ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks.

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