Can I change the forum theme?

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Can I change the forum theme?

Post by bo3bber »

Not sure this is the right forum, but it's sort of technical support.

Is there any way to change the forum theme? I see only the one choice of AcidTech for the look. And I also see that STSoftware has a multitude of other choices that would work better for me.

I'd be OK with an RSS feed of some form too. Any suggestions? TIA.

(By way of explanation, I've found the forum layout gives me eyestrain which has lead me to not participate much. After I read the forums for about an hour, my eyes are tired. And I'd like to be able to read more.)

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Re: Can I change the forum theme?

Post by cybereality »

That may be possible, but I don't think it's something we've ever done before.

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Re: Can I change the forum theme?

Post by geekmaster » wrote:User style sheets
User style sheets are an excellent way of presenting websites in the user's preferred manner. It can be a tricky process depending on your browser, but the results are very effective.

Creating a User Style Sheet
The first thing to is decide what consistent theme you'd like to see for all the sites you visit. Think about what really annoys you about websites in general (like blinking text, or maybe garish fonts), and also what - if anything - do you regularly have difficulty viewing (like certain colours of small fonts).
Next, you have to create your style sheet. If you are proficient - or even a novice - in CSS, then creating a style sheet should be fairly straightforward. If you're not, then either try learning some basics from a website such as W3C Schools, or (an easier option) modify our example file (remember to save the file with a .css extension).

How to apply your User Style Sheet
OK, as you might have guessed there is no standard cross-browser rule for applying your styles. Below are the instructions for adding a style sheet to all the major browsers:
Some web browsers even let you assign a local CSS style sheet on your hard drive to specific websites of your choosing.

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