Programmer help needed (lens correction plugin port)

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Programmer help needed (lens correction plugin port)

Post by Skaven252 »

Hi all,

I need a fisheye lens correction video plugin, but have run out of options. I hope someone is willing and able to port a couple of open source video plugins to the Vegas Movie Studio plugin SDK. I'm willing to pay for the work, but it's going to be a free open source release to anyone who wants to use it.

As a part of my immersive video experiments I've had to work with action cameras that have a very wide angle and their footage has strong fisheye distortion. The Rift actually needs fisheye warp, but the camera's own distortion may not match with it. Viewers like VRPlayer can apply the distortion correctly, but the video itself should have the distortion removed first (rectilinear conversion).

So far I've done this by running my video footage though an AviSynth/VirtualDub process, re-encoding the videos to x.264. But this is a very time consuming process, and also lossy (and if not lossy, then it's a huge waste of disk space). It would be much better if I could do the fisheye correction pipeline directly in my preferred video editing program (Vegas Movie Studio). I have searched in vain: no commercial plugins that do it right are actually available! For example, theres' the NewBlue Video Essentials II plugin, but it has an aspect ratio bug in it, so it's impossible to get correct results. Only Barrel Distortion (for VirtualDub) and Defish (for AviSynth) do it right.

Vegas Movie Studio also supports OpenFX plugins, so this may be a more viable porting target than the proprietary Vegas plugin SDK.

Is this a feasible thing to pursue? Thanks for your time. :)

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