starcraft 2 3d vision

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starcraft 2 3d vision

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Hey guys,

Im having problems running starcraft 2 in 3D after the latest patch was released.
Im using a 2233 samsung 3d monitor + nVidia 3D vision glasses,

I submitted this to the tech support on sc2 page but with no response:

Im currently having problems using sc2 with 3D vision.
The menu's display correctly, but as soon as I launch a map the middle of the screen goes black with bars left & right of the screen showing images.
If I disable 3d, it works fine.

I have the latest nVidia drivers + 3d vision drivers.
I haven't tried reinstalling the game yet.

Any idea's what I should do?

EDIT: forgot to mention that this only occurred after updating to 1.1 patch.

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