Dual Output (For Passive Projection) Settings

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Dual Output (For Passive Projection) Settings

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I can't seem to be able to find any information on how my multiple monitors need to be set up in order for my passive projection setup to show the left and right images. My trial drivers have expired for the time being so I am only able to test using Stereoscopic player and the Nvidia Stereo Player, but I seem to be encountering an error that the player is not recognizing my 2nd monitor. Do I need to have my 2nd monitor set to clone, or what setting should I be using through the Nvidia control panel? Any help would be greatly appreciated! ;)



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Re: Dual Output (For Passive Projection) Settings

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Clone will not work because the applications will only see one display. You need to set it up as main and extended desktop. If you run xp horisontal span mode is not the same as extended desktop. I think it's called dualview or similar.
In the stereoscopic player you also need to define which monitors which to play properly. Iz3d and tridef drivers works with no other configs than dual output mode chosen.
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