Some questions about playing older games in anaglyph

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Some questions about playing older games in anaglyph

Post by 3d_tester »

Hi, I'm new to this forum and to stereoscopic gaming.

I have a GeForce 9600 GT, LCD display and anaglyph red/cyan glasses.
I have tested a lot of old and new titles with the latest Tridef, iZ3D and Nvidia drivers available for the 9600 GT.

I was disappointed to find out that there are a lot of old titles that are not supported by any driver (although NVidia keeps them in the supported games list). Especially OpenGL games and older DirectX games.
Some games I would really like to play in anaglyph are Heretic 2, Hexen 2, American McGee's Alice, Drakan, Messiah, Deus EX, Doom 3 (the original, not the BFG edition!)
After some research I found some threads here and on other forums recommending older video cards (e.g. GeForce 7 series, usually 7900GT or better)+Windows XP and respective XP drivers to play these older games.

I have searched some offers for second hand video cards in my country and I have found several offers for 7600 GS, 7900 GT and GTX cards.
However, I have also found offers for 6800 Ultra for 1/3 the price of the 7900 GT and about 1/2 the price of a 7600 GS. I know 7900 GT has better performance than 6800 Ultra, but not 3 times better.
Looking at the specs, another important thing I see is the OpenGL 2.0 support for the 7-series cards vs OpenGL 1.5 support for 6800 Ultra.

I have found a list of OpenGL games in Wikipedia, but the OpenGL version is not specified.

So, having in mind that for DirectX 9.0 and higher games I could use my 9600GT, my questions are:

1/Is 7900 GT worth the price vs 6800 Ultra for older games?
2/Is any 7-series card with lower performance than 6800 Ultra still better for stereo anaglyph gaming only because of the OpenGL 2.0 support?
3/Could anyone help me with a list of OpenGL 2.0 games?
4/Does an unsupported OpenGL 2.0 also mean that OpenGL 2.0 games would not be playable in stereoscopic anaglyph?
5/Are there any other alternatives for playing such older games:
5a/ Ati/AMD alternative old cards?
5a/ Nvidia Quadro Alternatives?
5b/ Is it possible to emulate an older video card, install XP and older drivers on some virtual machine, e.g. VMware (I think that's impossible, but anyway - if someone has tried it)?
6/ What about games with OpenGL higher that 2.0 - is stereo gaming not supported by any drivers and video cards for such titles (except titles that support stereo natively)?
7/ I still haven't thought of that solution but I have read that some 3d displays come with software that converts games to stereo - e.g. LGs - does it really convert ANY game, the oldies included?
8/ I am also a little bit confused by the way the driver developers list supported titles -e.g. if an older title is listed as supported, it could be for older shutter glasses+CRT. Does that always mean that it would work in anaglyph+LCD and if not, how can I find out?

Many thanks, guys!

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Re: Some questions about playing older games in anaglyph

Post by cybereality »

Yes, the 7000 Nvidia series and XP will be the most reliable way to play those old games. But a 6800 card would probably work too.

You can also try GLDirect (now on your machine) as it converts OpenGL games to DirectX and can work on certain titles (I believe Alice is one of them).

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