Questions about recording and editing side-by-side 3D...

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Questions about recording and editing side-by-side 3D...

Post by saucercrab »


I have a bit of experience with capture cards/software and video editing (Adobe PP and AE) but am a newbie with 3D and am hoping to jump into the VR revolution ASAP!

While I'm waiting for the CV1 Rift or other VR HMD, I'd like to start toying around with producing some videos for 3D glasses such as the Vuzix Wrap 1200 DX. (Not concerned with motion-tracking at this point in time.) While I understand most of the 3D videos we're seeing are actually produced in a 3D environment (3DSMax, Blender, or even real-world video) I assume there is a way to process them without wearing a headset all the time. I'm JUST getting into this, so I have no idea how such files would be handled on a "normal" PC. (No HMD or identical dual monitors.)

In the past, I've worked with FRAPS and similar programs to capture video from games, but am having trouble finding a program to record side-by-side images for cinematic purposes and do not understand how the files are manipulated. Will I be constantly editing a "Left" and a "Right" avi or mpeg? Or is there a standardized 3D filetype that can combine and extract two images at once for editing? I do have an NVIDIA (GTX 660) card with stereoscopic compatibility, but have yet to test its output settings.

To reiterate: I'm looking to capture, edit, and then produce 3D "machinima" videos for use with side-by-side stereoscopic HMDs. Where do I begin? :)

Thanks so much for any help!

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Re: Questions about recording and editing side-by-side 3D...

Post by dazbobaby »

Hi saucercrab, I assume since you posted this question in May you probably already know what you're doing.
If not then I can give you a quick answer.

Nvidia graphics cards since the 650 GTX (I think) have been able to record gameplay video using Nvidia Shadowplay.
The videos are recorded and compressed using H.264, so they're quite small compared to FRAPS.

I have several unedited videos on youtube:
and many many more ... foYWNYTwMg

Sony Vegas Pro can edit 3D video since 10.0 onwards.

I don't know if ATI/AMD have a similar system, but this is what I use on my GTX 750

I hope this helps someone.
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