S3D 360° panorama image seperation

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S3D 360° panorama image seperation

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My background is in photography, 360° panoramic photography, and 360° panoramic video. I am new to 3D.
I started to get interested in combining interactive panoramic video with 3D.

With S3D and interactive panoramic images or virtual reality I understand I need to avoid Window violations. That means everything must look like it is behind the window.
I also read that there is compromise to also keep objects at infinity less than 65mm apart for the viewer.

So, I believe I should align at the closest object. Or can I align at infinity and then separate by so many degrees or pixels?
The intent of these S3D panoramic images is to be viewed with an interactive viewer. That they can also be able to zoom in and see more detail.

I found this article that suggests that because I am shooting parallel every thing at infinity forward will look like to is coming forward.
http://www.sky.com/shop/export/sites/ww ... _3D_v1.pdf
Is this correct or is there better resource?

If I zoom in on S3D panorama, do or should the 3D viewers adjust the separation or is it constant?

Some of my videos are here.

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