New to the world of VR

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New to the world of VR

Post by Azrafox »

Hi all,

Okay, the title is a bit of a lie. I've been very interested in the world of virtual and augmented reality for a long time now!

I'm Azra (or Adam), I'm a 24 year old guy living in London and working in Cyber Security for a living. In my spare time I do a lot of digital art and 3D modelling, and the odd programming exercise (I program a lot at work but not a lot at home). I've experimented with ARToolkit and Augmented Reality applications and found it extremely interesting, and a few months ago I came across a product called the Vusix Eyewear that had semi-decent reviews, however the price tag was insane! As soon as I heard the hype about the Oculus Rift and saw the price tag I immediately ordered the dev kit, even though I was a bit late to the party and only put my order through a couple of weeks ago. I am curious to know how long these things take to ship.

I am fascinated in the idea of virtual worlds and immersion, and the Oculus Rift is something I am really looking forward to as I've not had the opportunity to try one before. If there's anyone else in London who is either willing to demo theirs or knows a place where I can do so, please feel free to send me a PM :)

As a bit of a side note, the sense of scale using the Rift is something that I'm particularly interested in. I've been learning Unity while waiting for my kit to arrive and if I ever get to the point of making games/demos, I would absolutely love to try something that plays with the idea of size. "Among the Sleep" is one game that I'm looking forward to, but I would also like to play as, for example, a main character who has been shrunk. The perspective of simple objects towering over you, or standing on a table the size of a skyscraper, sounds like a great use for this kind of technology. If anyone knows of any such projects or would like to talk more about creating one then again, feel free to contact me!

That long intro aside, I look forward to being a part of the community here :P

Azra ~

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Re: New to the world of VR

Post by brantlew »

Hi Azrafox. You got into VR at a very fortunate time. A couple of years ago that Vuzix you looked at was state of the art in the consumer market and still very poor at creating an immersive environment. The Rift has revolutionized the field and now everyone can experience the type of immersive VR that was previously only available to professional and military resources.

You have a couple of months before you can expect your Rift, but I would suggest checking out Titans of Space as an interesting study in scale. Also, the Tuscany demo has keyboard controls for dynamically adjusting IPD - the effect of doing so is to transform the world from true scale to a "toy" world right before your eyes.

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Re: New to the world of VR

Post by cybereality »

Hey! Welcome to the club.

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Re: New to the world of VR

Post by NineDotsPLT »

Hi Azra,
I'm developper at NineDots Studio. I'm happy to see that you were able to order an Oculus Rift. We ordered one for our studio and received it a few weeks ago. If I remember well, they start shipping the Rift last March our April, so it might take a little while before receiving your own.

We are currently working, at NineDots, on a space MOBA and we will support the Oculus Rift. You said that you wanted to see how it feels to be a little thing amount giants, well, we have a 13km long mothership! It is pretty amazing to fly inside it (Check link at the end of the post for early impression).

We are currently running a funding campaign via Kickstarter to complete the game. If you would like to help, we need some! And since you should get a Rift soon, we could probably get some feedback in the sametime.

Someone else seems to already have posted about our game using the Rift on this forum I will answer questions there if you have any (or if anyone else has some too ;) )

Welcome to the VR world! It is a really impressive world.

Oculus Rift Early impression for GoD Factory Wingmen:
Kickstarter campaign : ... ry-wingmen

Best Regards,
Programmer at NineDots Studio [url][/url]

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