VR Gaming without a VR headset?

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VR Gaming without a VR headset?

Post by Coover55 »

Hey, guys~!

So, I've been looking at a LOT of stuff about the Oculus Rift, and from what I've seen, I'm planning on saving up my allowance (I'm just a teen, give me a break :P) and buying it. But before I do so, I want to try out the games I have with VR, so I can see the freedom of movement it allows.. even if it is without a helmet. Is this a bad idea? Would it cause more motion sickness than the actual helmet?

I am rather new to the whole VR gaming thing, but I know how it all works. All I need to know, really, is what it looks like.. at least, on the screen FIRST.


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Re: VR Gaming without a VR headset?

Post by Dom »

Yes you will need a pc computer, red/blue cyan glasses, 3d driver - 3d vision discover - verio perception driver, free pie - free track, program for 6 dof head tracking. And try and get Arma the video game or, http://www.free-track.net/english/freet ... 82fd6a05e9

This should be close to vr realism for you.
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Re: VR Gaming without a VR headset?

Post by NineDotsPLT »

Hi Coover55,
the Oculus Rift is probably the next big thing in the video game industry and in VR. You probably already saw it, but they anouced that there will be an Oculus with 1080p resolution. We currently have a Rift at our studio (I'm working in a Video Game Company), and the freedom it allows is quite enough. Well, you can't go too far from your computer has it is a wired setup, but nothing worst than having a headset. You can easily watch behind you and even make a spin on yourself (however, you might be tangled in the cables XD). The main downside is the resolution of the current dev kit, it is quite small and pixelated, but like I said, there will be an HD version, so no worry. If you have glasses (I do), it might be a bit annoying to have the Rift, but once you are in the game, you forget pretty much everything about the real world XD.

Saving up for a Rift is a really nice thing. :)
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