Zee Pad 3D viewer cheap

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Zee Pad 3D viewer cheap

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Hey All,
OK, I'm a newby, of sorts. A few weeks ago I bought a Zeepad 7, $80, cheap. There down to $58. Today I folded and cut a piece of paper to make a central divider with a 45 degree back fold to allow for my nose and beard. Two squares 3" x 3 1/4" cut out on either side, taped together in the middle and tacked to the screen on the side. Two 2" magnifying glasses held to my nose with the screen on the table. I called up Cybereality and Cymatic Bruce on Youtube. I'm watching 3D full on, roller coasters, games, very cool.
This pad has a USB port and wifi, I'm thinking a head tracker could plug in to USB. It's a 7" screen, perfect size with good resolution as I watched. As a tablet, it has a computer running. It would seem that a drop in head frame with lenses would give full 3D viewer, all it needs is an app. For that matter, the internal movement tracker is not as good.
Think about it,

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