active shutter glasses for Mac computers

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active shutter glasses for Mac computers

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Hi, I'm new to the forum. I've done a hell of alot of searching for the subject but can't seem to find a single piece of info. Does anyone know if there are any brand of active shutter glasses that would work on a Mac? As in, are there any active shutter glasses with a separate IR emitter that would work on a Mac.

My second question is about DLP-link technology. Is there a piece of software that can emulate the DLP-link syncing method so that it may be used with a monitor that can handle 3D video?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: active shutter glasses for Mac computers

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Some gaming 3D stereoscopic monitors support two inputs, so only the retina MacBook Pro or Mac Pro support two external screens without daisy chaining. Maybe you can use EGPU or a screen digital screen splitter (your computer would see those two screens as one very wide one). EGPU is impractical yet, as intel who makes thunderbolt rained hell down on makers of it (because they sold it not enclosed) but its comming, or you can have some expensive adapters (boring) to use older EGPU solutions, and i think OSX has problems with EGPU sometimes (some weird boot problems I think). Screensplitters have bad performance i think, better for office.

If you buy a TV with 3D, get one that supports Side-by-Side 3D (I think mostly all do). I run my games with hacked drivers (tridef in bootcamp for example), and then turn on SBS in the driver, and SBS on the TV. Or some games can support 3D SBS in them self.
Its not the very best solution, but its good enough for all but the most picky people.

At least theres some info for yah.

I don't know but emulating dlp link is probably not possible as of today (read as, no one has done it, or tech is not there yet).

Hope that helps, and anyone feel free to correct me on anything.

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