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Infocus X1 Stereoscopic 3D with Sony Active Glasses?

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:27 am
by donutfunky
Greetings mtbs3d

I'm a newbie but nice to be here. I just wish I'd discovered the place earlier. I've got what I think is an interesting 3D problem to solve that I need some help on/

I've just inherited 5 pairs of Sony TDG-BR250 Active 3D glasses from my parents from a 3DTV they bought but don't and will NEVER use (why they even bought that TV, I don't know because they said they were never going to use it. I told them a SmartTV would suffice but they didn't listen ;) ) I am now trying to find a way of using them (if at all) but given I don't have a 3D TV or display of any sort (a fundamental challenge to overcome that my parents KNOW about) I'm trying to find out how I can use them.

After a lot of reading around, I've discovered that my dusty 10-year old Infocus X1 projector may be capable of stereoscopic 3D, albeit in a limited fashion (and here I was about to put it on eBay) which I discovered the link to on this forum only

I've got a decent spec'd PC and good mid-range AMD graphics card so with the glasses and "3D-capable" projector, it seems like I've got everything I need.

The problem I'm guessing is how do I sync'ing the glasses to the display. Do I need to buy or create a 3D IR emitter of some sort? Will these things work with anything but a Sony TV? Simplest solution would be to go and get a Sony 3D TV but there's no fun in that :)

Any learned suggestions anyone?

Re: Infocus X1 Stereoscopic 3D with Sony Active Glasses?

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:06 pm
by Fredz
I think the Sony glasses do only work with Sony TVs and I've not seen any info about their IR protocol. You may try a search in the forum for IR protocols though, some people were working on that several years ago, but not for the Sony glasses IIRC.

Also the Infocus X1 does only support 60Hz, it's the Infocus X1a that support 85Hz. I've tried the Infocus X6 at 60Hz with eDim glasses and it was not good. Too much flickering and unbearable on scenes with a white background. I've bought a 3D projector for cheap since then.

Re: Infocus X1 Stereoscopic 3D with Sony Active Glasses?

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:48 am
by donutfunky
Thanks for the reply Fredz.

On the issue with the glasses, I thought as much. I was hoping that once the glasses receive a sync pattern from some sort of DIY IR emitter, the glasses would just work (I was looking to leverage the information I found here: ... ync-IR.pdf

On the projector side, based on the Infocus website the X1 supports up to 85hz on V-sync: ... -projector

If these Sony glasses aren't likely to work with the X1, any known, proven or recommended 3D glass/emitter combo for the X1(given that I have an AMD and not an nVidia card)?

Appreciate the continued support.

Re: Infocus X1 Stereoscopic 3D with Sony Active Glasses?

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:08 am
by Fredz
The Infocus X6 has also a V-Sync range of up to 85Hz but it does only work at 60Hz in 3D, at higher frequencies there is a lot of ghosting. As has been said in this thread ... ?3177/3347 :
All projector declaring higher than 60 Hz refresh rate usualy downscales higer one to 60 Hz (with some expception working partialy to 85 Hz but producing color desync) = no stereo.
Unclebob said that about the Infocus X1 :
But I see the Infocus X1 there which I have. 3D is great only when fed at 1024 in native mode, this however gives a cropped image as the projector can only do 800*600.
Not that brillient. Every other resolution and frequency there is significant ghosting.
I think he's in this forum also, maybe you could PM him.

So I guess it doesn't support 3D at frequencies higher than 60Hz. You could try anyway, maybe it depends on the date of production. It was the case with the Acer X1130P I own for versions produced before Dec'09.

I'm not sure which glasses would work with this projector and an AMD card. I think the eDimensional wired glasses in interlaced mode will work in all cases (done that with the X6), but you'll halve the (already low) resolution and it's hard to find them for cheap now.

You could also make them work in page-flipped mode, but you'd have eye inversions if you don't have software that support hardware page flipping. You can try Stereoscopic Player which supports software page flipping but you may experience some eye inversions. I'd say for games it's a no-go, except if they can deliver a solid 60-85 fps without hiccups (with the DDD or iZ3d drivers).