I'm so divided

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I'm so divided

Post by Pontianak »

Hello All, I've been thinking about getting set up with 3D for a while now and I was just about to take the plunge and get an Asus VG278H with the Vision 2 glasses (my nvidia card already supports 3d, 660 model) when I caught wind of the Oculus Rift right after the kickstarter ended. Now I'm all divided. I'm pretty smart with my money decisions, and I'm wondering if getting my PC rig set for 3D is worth it when the OR is coming out... next year? Once the Rift is out, will there really be much reason to go with a Stereoscopic 3D monitor setup at all that will make it worth the investment, or would I seriously just be spitting in the wind with buying it at this point?
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Re: I'm so divided

Post by FingerFlinger »

Most AAA games will not support devices like the OR right away, but those same games probably have good support on 3D monitors. Because of this, right now, the OR is not a replacement for a 3D monitor. Especially if you also wanted to do normal computing on that monitor. That said, I think that the Rift would definitely be a worthwhile purchase!

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Re: I'm so divided

Post by WiredEarp »

They are really two different areas. One is 3D gaming, one is VR. I don't think OR dev kit is available any more is it? So, you would have to wait for the next gen or get a secondhand one. If its going to be a year, i'd bite the bullet and get the monitor. I don't regret mine. However, if you mainly play online games, not single player, its probably not worth it, as I find it hard to be competitive in 3d mode in many games. I do use it for BF3 and a few others, but when the competition gets really fierce, I usually switch it off...

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Re: I'm so divided

Post by cybereality »

Unless you are a developer, I would say get the 3D monitor. The Rift is only really interesting if there is content for it, and right now there is not that much. With an Nvidia compatible monitor you instantly have support for hundreds of games. The Rift will be a lot more appealing in the the coming months once games start supporting it. But right now you are much better off with a good 3D monitor.

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