Where can I find these glasses

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Where can I find these glasses

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In my old school times there was something called Knowledge Fair, the school coordinator divide the classes and gives themes that the class must evolve and present in a BIG event in the end of the year. During my last year there the theme: " :3D " was given to determined class. During the event they brought a PS3, an 3DS and 2 3DHDTVs (one of then with the PS3) to present to the visitors and the judge. I stepped in their booth and tried everything, the most awesome was the PS3. The game I think it was Batman Arkham Asylum. But the more strange thing were the glasses. Their lenses were transparent at a first view, but looking closely you can see each lens are filled with red and cyan lines intercalated, when I put the glasses on I was able to see the game image without losing no color like in these red/cyan standart glasses.

I want to know if someone knows this type of glass, if they work only on polarized screens like that TV (I think) with the PS3.
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Re: Where can I find these glasses

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Those were probably TriOviz glasses. They are based on colored filters, but are more advanced then the old red/cyan style glasses.

These glasses will work on any TV, it doesn't have to be 3D. They don't have a lot of supported games, but Batman is one of them.

You can buy the glasses, and see the games supported, here:

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