Thankyou so much! ^o^

Don't know the first thing about S-3D? Just bought your first pair of 3D glasses? Trying to figure out what to buy? Post HERE!
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Thankyou so much! ^o^

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I'm a really old member, but since your site redesign waaaaaaaaay back the account got locked. I'd never posted before and was always a lurker, so I wasn't known, and when I emailed about it I never got a response, but since your redesign again my account was reactivated with no password, so I just got it changed and I'm finally back XD

Thankyou so much for fixing everything. I'm so glad to be back to what I consider as the best 3D website around. Brings back memories of when I found that awesome thread about turning your old 2D TVs into 3D by via Printing haha. ^_^

I've also got an Occulus prototype on the way, so I'll be sure to post in the Occulus thread once I've had a hands on.

but yeah, short intro: IT Tech & Viral Analysis. Been interested in 3D and VR since the early days when they first appeared, even more so now it's coming back and I can afford it. Owner of Nvidia Stereoscopic glasses & Asus Monitor to go with it. Looking forward to reading more awesome articles on the forum & website, and I might actually contribute a bit more than last time this time, if I can XD

Huh, for some reason my join date has been adjusted to match my first post date? XD
Weird. Oh well, I'm just glad to have access again ^-^

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Re: Thankyou so much! ^o^

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Nice! Welcome!
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