Eye strain with paper red/cyan glasses (& 2 other questions)

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Eye strain with paper red/cyan glasses (& 2 other questions)

Post by raafblanch »

Hi everybody, I'm not exactly new to Stereoscopic 3D, but I don't have much knowledge about it either. To this day I only had red/green (to see black and white macro pictures of insects, it was nice.. some 20 years ago, maybe more) and red/cyan cheap paper glasses, and also a shutter lcd for an old game console (also something like 20 years ago). Now I only have one that came with my newspaper one day, it's red/cyan but more like 'very dark red'/'very dark blue', it feels very wrong. Anyway, I'm having some questions and maybe someone here can help me out:

- Lately I'm having a lot of eye strain with this glasses, I don't know if it's a problem with it or with me. My left eye hurts a lot. Also, when I take it down, I see everything red with my right eye (the cyan one), and everything blue with the left, it's like a "color bleeding", and persists for some minutes.. I don't know, maybe it's because of retinal rivalry? Maybe the glasses? Can anyone tell me if this is common? (I'm having some restrains about using them, because I don't know if this "color persistence" is damaging my eyes)

- I'm thinking of getting a plastic pair, and I found a trioscopic (green/magenta) one that is advertised as "3D Nvidia Discovery Vision" glasses. They are cheap and look nice but... weren't they red/cyan instead of green/magenta? I'm thinking of getting a green/magenta because of the eye strain with the red/cyan ones (also because I heard they handle colors better).

- Also, an unrelated question: I have a 120Hz TV at home (Sony, I can check the model but I'm not sure), is this enough to use shutter glasses or it has to be "3D ready" or something like that?

Sorry for the long post.

Edit: I forgot about that, I have a 3DS, but its autostereoscopic screen isn't giving me eye strain, it's just with the anaglyph red/cyan glasses.

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Re: Eye strain with paper red/cyan glasses (& 2 other questi

Post by cybereality »

Hey, welcome to the forum!

Its interesting you say that your left eye hurt. I went to a 3D movie with my brother the other day and he also complained about one eye hurting. Not sure what the problem was exactly, but you are not alone. It may be an indication that you have a slight issue with your eye-sight and maybe going to an eye doctor would be a good idea. It also may be something that will go away with more time. But if you don't have problems with the 3DS then maybe you are OK.

In terms of getting the color tinted eyesight after using the anaglyph glasses, that's normal. Happens to everyone.

If you want anaglyph glasses, I recommend the Pro-Ana (red/cyan). They are the best overall, most people agree. I am also sending out cheap paper glasses (red/cyan) that are similar to the Pro-Ana. If you want some (they are free), just send me a PM with your mailing address. I ship worldwide.

If the TV doesn't say 3D on the box, then it won't work. Many sets are advertised as "120Hz" but this is usually marketing BS and not true 120Hz. It needs to be 3D to work.

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Re: Eye strain with paper red/cyan glasses (& 2 other questi

Post by spectrogj »

anaglyph is notorious for eye strain during 3d viewing
it was probably bad 3d content, too much separation
You should try dual projector passive 3d for gaming and movies
Omega 3d offers a kit, just go to youtube

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