Help needed to find correct devices

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Help needed to find correct devices

Post by cersav »

Hello everybody, I'm new to stereoscopic 3d, working on geographical information systems and 3d maps. I would like to create an environment to work on my projects on my pc.

Unfortunately I could not find many active 3d glasses options. Only one is xpand x105-rf-x1. I guess, I also need xpand ad025-rf-x1 emitter for sync.

As for gpu, nvidia quadro p4000 seems good to me. It has stereo connector bracket as well.

I have no idea about monitors, which monitor may be good for this system ?

Or overall system seems to work fine ? If you can advise, I will appreciate. Many thanks.

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Re: Help needed to find correct devices

Post by PPorquer3D »

for monitor i would suggest you get a active 3d samsung 3d tv or something similar, then again if you want higher resolutions then a specialized monitor compatible with the quadro or your xpand thing....

nvidia stuff has problems now , because they dropped support, it may be the best option to go with the nvidia stuff, but it will get complicated. for example , using nvdia 3d on my lg tv produces ghosting
- i don't know if emiter -based solutions have this problem.

i do 3d for gaming, mostly & i have to use the least amount of money & resources, (i have to play games on low resolutions & such)

if your programs run on windows, you can try 3d drivers to do the work for you using emiters or a 3d tv - iz3d is an old driver that could support even vr & it seems to do a good job with direct x applications - drawback is - it only seems to work with windows xp & 7, needs to be fixed for 8 10 - there is a github where people can help develop it further.

other drivers are out there, but they are too costly for me & the types of games i want to run don't seem to work with them

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