A Summer of Code on (Virtual) Mars

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A Summer of Code on (Virtual) Mars

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We are the Italian chapter of the Mars Society (IMS).
IMS is spearheading the European MaRs Analog Station for Advanced Technologies Integration project (ERAS http://www.erasproject.org). The project aims to address the major issues that could jeopardize a crewed mission to Mars and are not adequately being addressed at existing terrestrial Mars analogs.

We are currently working on an immersive virtual reality simulation of the ERAS Station (V-ERAS). This virtualization is based on the Oculus Rift. The major advantage of such virtualization is that it will be possible to undertake training sessions with a crew that can interact with its future environment before the actual station is built.

We we will participate this year to the ESA Summer of Code in Space (SOCIS 2015) and to the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) under the Python Software Foundation (PSF) umbrella.

If you are interested in contributing code to the ERAS project you should start by visiting our GSoC and SoCiS project ideas pages witch contains a list of suggested projects:
You may decide to work on these ideas or use them as a starting point for your own. Either way, come talk to us on the erasproject@googlegroups.com mailing list and on our IRC channel #IMS on Freenode.

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