Jerry Seinfeld's apartment for virtual reality!

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Jerry Seinfeld's apartment for virtual reality!

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I think this is a fun demo topic for this forum.

When I first started lurking here, I was mainly interested in things like shutter-glasses, so I could play games and watch 3D content on my computer. I've always been a fan of stereoscopic stuff and when I saw the Oculus rift, I had to have one. I finally got one and decided to make a demo.

It's interesting though, because most of the time you think about watching 3D-TV, it's passive... just watching it. But what about actually being able to visit the places in the TV show?

I was thinking along those lines when I came up with my first Oculus Rift demo:

Sorry if that's kinda, self promotion - but I thought of you guys as I was making this!

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Re: Jerry Seinfeld's apartment for virtual reality!

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