DIY HMD lenses

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DIY HMD lenses

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i start to build VR headset for smartphone and need some help for choose good lenses for nice horizontal fov , i will use 2k 5.5 display
from some research on the net i understand that the dk2 have lenses 10X magnification , it is mean 25mm focal ,i like to get similar fov.
i find this DIY hmd from the parts Specifications look that he use AX73424 and AX73263 72.4mm and 77mm focal, and steel got nice fov
it make me a little bit confused about the lenses magnification and fov ,from my understanding bigger lenses magnification will increase fov, so i wonder why in this build he was choose only 3X-4X magnification and make me think again what magnification to use in my build

many thanks

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