Need advice.....

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Need advice.....

Post by Mokibi »

Ok, so.... wanting to build your own OR isn't news anymore......
I don't really know where I stand when it comes to VR, I don't really know how
helpeful I am really..... A lot of my "research" really revolves around being the in game
character and exploring actual environments using Wi-fi as the transmission medium....

I don't really know much about VR, but I've certainly heard most of the terms being used around here....
All I do really is ask myself what would be great in VR? Mostly I'm doing things like.....
well, how do you keep the player occupied most of the time? You make them do video game
based things..... like collecting resources, or mining in minecraft, or virtual chemistry/kitchens/tech building
programs like CAD and such....

Problem is, I know nothing about coding..... I mean I've seen what it looks like, and even played around with it
in my head but.... I mean theres tons I don't really know....

Getting to my point, I was curious.... How do you guys think I should proceed?
Is making a team here impossible? or discouraged or?

My device uses 4 sensors, much like the Razr Hydra, cept its not electromagnetism....
it's a MEMS, which I want to implement the source code of the X-IMU.... but now I have to add a
gait tracker into it.... and I just started looking into that.... looks a bit complicated....

Anyone know if there is any immediate relief from having to purchase expensive sensors?, what about upping the
code into a cheaper sensor? does that help? (obviously not a super cheap one) but I'm going to guess someones already
tried that, no?

I'll be really honest, I'm kinda scared.... I've been studying for 3 years, looking into the possibilities of VR, and all
was going well, until I came across this wall..... how far along are we with drift detection? any solutions? anyone
know the drift on the X-IMU after say 20 mins? how about 1 hr? 8?.....

Man, you'd think you'd know a lot, but when you look back you realize you haven't really learned much LOL....
but I suppose its my problem.... I'll be honest, coding and math and physics are all extremely scary .__.
not to mention lenses, and distortion, and low persistance...... god damn you guys! >=O

I don't know what to do.... I feel stuck :/....
anyone interested in helping me out/ helping me catch up? :/

any help is greatly appreciated.... thanks! =)

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Re: Need advice.....

Post by cybereality »

Honestly, at this point it would be very hard to make something DIY better than the Rift.

Might as well just get the Rift and focus on making some compelling software.

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Re: Need advice.....

Post by Mokibi »

noticed your blog Cyber.... How ya been? =P
What kind of game are you building? =P
ps4?/3? x1?x360?Nint?

how about merging the rift with the X-IMU?
I've got some extra secrets that really make my product different from just
a motion sensing device...

speaking of which, what are the laws when it comes to putting your own
device together? I mean if I purchase and get the ok from those companies,
could I use their tech, add my own tweaks, and then partially call it mine?
I've got 3 add ons that no longer make it just VR...

Is that something I could do? ask for their permission in the meantime while
I develop (or have someone else help) new hardware?

what are the laws?

btw cyber, do you know of a transmitting switching device that changes from short range, to
long range whenever necessary? needs to be fast, cheap (20$), and small?

let me know! thanks dood! =]

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