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ARMA 2 CO - Day-Z - Tridef 3D

Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:50 pm
by LCountach
For many months now I have been using Tridef DDD in Oculus Rift mode with ARMA 2 (Steam Version). Suddenly with a recent update to ARMA 2. The steam version has stopped working with Tridef. I found that "ArmA2OA.exe" still works with Tridef but it doesn't start the BattlEye Service. This gets you kicked instantly when you join a multilayer server. After that the game reboots with "ArmA2OA_BE.exe" and asks that you please launch only with that EXE or through Steam. That action disables Tridef. Epic fail IMO. I know there are many people who use Tridef for Oculus support. I know of several who even use Tridef with DK2 even though image centering isn't quite right. I am hoping someone here can help out. Day-Z is quite a popular mod and there must be someone else who is now also experiencing this problem. I have also found iZ3D and VIREIO Perception have stopped working with ARMA 2 as well. Anyone know whats going on?

My friends and I also have a small LAN and simple dedicated server. I researched Disabling BE but came up with nothing. The server.cfg flag "BattlEye=0;" seems to be ignored now. This also would have been a solution for us playing on our LAN. Any help here would be appreciated.