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Boston VR meetup featuring WPI & VisiSonics

Posted: Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:02 pm
by rustysawdust
The next Boston VR meetup is coming up on November 18th: ... 212175182/

WPI’s Game Development Club and their Human Interaction in Virtual Environments Lab (HIVE) will generously host the next BostonVR meetup. The HIVE lab has been doing virtual reality education and research for a long time, is worth a visit in itself, and their students will contribute several demos. They are also eager to see our stuff, so bring your demo, or product, or game, or whatever it is. You can see the HIVE lab's cool projects here:

VisiSonics, makers of RealSpace3D Audio, recently licensed by Oculus, will be showing how to use their Unity 3D sound plug-in. They will also present an Oculus DK2 Rift demo.