Rift + Hardware Chart - Get an idea how yours will perform.

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Rift + Hardware Chart - Get an idea how yours will perform.

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I have noticed folks trying to figure out if their hardware will run Rift games, and have decided it would be useful to have a single location that user provided data can reside for comparison.

I've created a google spreadsheet to this end, which has fields for computer specs and an overall performance rating, and well as some more specific note fields.
I will be curating this spreadsheet and will add information that is submitted via PM (see sheet for details):

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... hg/pubhtml

While google spreadsheet won't allow you to sort this sheet, it could be copied into excel and sorted by whichever column you desire.
Conversely, a simple ctrl+f could swiftly allow you to find a rating by someone utilizing your graphics card.
(The sheet is sorted by the overall performance rating by default.)

If possible, please submit a 3DMark benchmark as well for standardization.

I have added a few entries based on the oculus subreddit discussing hardware capabilities as examples.
If anyone has tips for modifying the spreadsheet, please let me comment and I'll modify as seems best.
(I'm new-ish to MTBS3D, so feel free to inform me if I'm MTBS-ing incorrectly as well.)

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