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DK2 and Alien: Isolation, Pair made in Heaven...

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 3:53 am
by Dilip
Got an opportunity to test the title most talked about....After Some Reddit Guided tinkering.

Alien Isolation on DK2..........

It was best experience i ever had so far in few days tinkering with DK2, There is overpowering feeling of lurking alien waiting to prey on you and constant feeling of being in most vulnerable state. My test rig was Core i7 with 16GB ram and ZOTAC GTX 680. Same system that was badly crawling with VIERIO PERCEPTION + SKYRIM.

Experience was delighting one. enough to make one believer of DK2, biggest benefit is in Alien Isolation you will never see anything that is just few yards away that's distance and at that distance RIFT DK2 is working OK. Though pixel are still distinguishable i was not noticing them too much,like at sea facing back yard of Tuscany villa.

Opening cinematic was amazing. I think best way to handle cut-scene in VR is indeed and without doubt Virtual Theater mode. here though it was different from other theater apps i tried like VR CINEMA. Where you see scene unnecessarily far and much real estate of actual DK2 display being wasted in building environment around you. Though here it was more looking like you are inside dark room standing 2 feet away from wall which is projecting 150inch cut scene of good quality. Accepted you can't see whole movie at this distance, but i would say 8 feet away from 150 inch is just right where looking at big pic and enjoyable FOV meet each other. Where your iris do not need to move too much, to notice what's happening and that is my sweet spot.

Game start in Cryo Stasis Pod and Reply awaking from sleep of reasons. Beginning of scene has clipping of body if you look down to yourself. Its not much trouble if you keep on looking up where your head should be when you awake that is facing ceiling.

My complain is i felt ceiling very near it was looking more like 8 Feet tall girl in space ship, that has floor to ceiling height 8.5 fee. Same feeling remain through initial roaming in small room where you awake. once you proceed for bath and cloth change, shower too require me to bend to much to reach on off buttons.

Overall game runs SMOOTH compared to other things i tried with middle-wares, just as fine and flawless as Tuscany demo that's rift exclusive. For Al-Iso all eye-candy were set to high, except few most demanding ones which i anyway don't care. Nice graphics and everything was looking just as believable as it can be. Static Telephone station as save point is amazing idea. Game feels atmospheric and suck you in. i wish some one tweak DEAD SPACE 3 for DK2.

Even though i was mildly unhappy with display quality of DK2 every thing seem acceptable on Alien Isolation. Bravo 'Creative Assembly' you guys ROCK HARD. Other-way some times
Perfect Tuxedo coverup messy guy ;)

I can't understand why Sega hide such amazing gem are they going to unlock this at CV1 release with some nice DLC+VR BOOST.

Overall my expectation were met above i could ever thought...It ports you in Reply's body. Rejoice

Few things need attention
1) Height is too much in most of the part of game i felt she is 8feet tall, ideal 5.6 though i am 6 feet, else raise the ceilings through game.
2) Hands felt much below where they should be, many times it felt as if i have shoulders and hand begin below rib cage.
3) Game is very very claustrophobic at many places, plz give some space.
4) Positional Tracking MUST MUST MUST for this game, Its wonderful CAKE that need POSITIONAL ICING ;)

On a side note:
2010 Avatar The Game has 'SBS output' native option and game was designed with Stereo 3D kept in mind so most of time it was pretty and flawless except few bummers. I can live with them if i could play that title in VR. Is there anyway to get that game output Warped SBS images for RIFT. IT would be nice add on to library of working DK2 game specially 3rd Person till content show up. Can any one suggest any hack where 'SBS' output can passed though RIFT warping UTILITY that do not make game crawl? Do such thing exists?

Re: DK2 and Alien: Isolation, Pair made in Heaven...

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 1:39 am
by DrBeef
Positional Tracking works for me.. it didn't the first time I played it, but after that as long as I had the Oculus Service paused and the headset was in view of the camera when the game starts, it works ok.

Re: DK2 and Alien: Isolation, Pair made in Heaven...

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:31 am
by Dilip
Amazing, did positional tracking worked flawless? Its just disabling oculus service nothing else?

Did you find any other anomalies? For how long time you played in a single session?
Did you felt dizzy after removing headset?

Overall its better visually then anything i have tried with DK2, also kind of merciful on system resources,
not too heavy.