Having a small issue with Skyrim

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Having a small issue with Skyrim

Post by Chrono99 »

Im using 2.1 as someone sug to me. I did everything It tells me todo in the ini file. I start vereio then the game and I see it in windowed mode and it works but I dont see it in my hmd. F12 doesn't work. How do I get the game in front of me?

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Re: Having a small issue with Skyrim

Post by Halthar »

A few things to make sure you've done. First, for 2.1.X you'll want to use Oculus SDK Runtime 5. Second, make sure that within the Oculus Control Panel your Rift is set to Extended mode. Third, make sure you have copied the appropriate DLLs to the Skyrim directory. Fourth, Start Perception from the unzipped archive. Fifth, after Perception has started, make sure that down in the monitor section you select your Rift as the Display monitor. Sixth, start Skyrim.

At present I use 2.1.6 to run Skyrim (the 3.0 series doesn't work terribly well for me, simply because of the way it works in Skyrim....so I stick with 2.1.6 for now). I point this out because I know for a fact that it does work (I played it yesterday, in fact).

Hope the above helps.

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