Can you use Fallout 4 with Vereio?

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Can you use Fallout 4 with Vereio?

Post by Chrono99 »

Sorry if this has been asked before as im new to learning all of this but can I play Fallout 4 with Vereio??

Ive seen tutorials on how to play Skyrim with it. Could the same be done with Fallout 4?

Or will I have to purchase Vorpx??

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Re: Can you use Fallout 4 with Vereio?

Post by jo7700 »

Currently Vereio can only work with direct x 9 compatible games. Unfortunately Fallout 4 does not have a dx9 option

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Re: Can you use Fallout 4 with Vereio?

Post by EisernSchild »

Hi Chrono99 !

We are currently really, really close to release Vireio Perception v4.0 with full DX11 support ! We have last issues but April should be definitive.

Once Vireio 4 is out we can say more about games to be supported, thanks for your patience. ;)

Kind Regards, Denis

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