[DK1] Mirror's Edge setup problem

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[DK1] Mirror's Edge setup problem

Post by Neolitz »

Hi, i tried to follow these https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TYp ... meqoerc5k4

but everytime i start the ME, my screen blinking a few times and then the game instantly gone.

my step:
- Setup res to 1980x1080
- change the .ini
- install the sysm link
- open the vireio apps (admin)
- open ME

please help me, thanks.

other info:
- ME not steam ver
- Oculus DK1 was run as Extend Desktop to HMD, DK1 Legacy app support, rift saver on
- Monitor are placed in left side of the main monitor, but i cant change to 75hz

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