Bioshock 1

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Bioshock 1

Post by TMVGD »

It was working well at first but I started goofing with some of the settings via the on screen configs to see what they all did.

I broke bioshock and this is what it looks like now. (see attachment). I was playing with one of the offsets using the "right" button on my gamepad. I figured I could just use the "left button" to pull it back like the other settings. It will not return and now I can't even see the text in the Perception menu.

This isn't game dependent but I only did this in bioshock. Mirror's Edge still works. Is there any way to reset the Perception settings per game? I remembered where the reset game config was in the on screen menu (near the bottom). That doesn't seem to do anything. I also uninstalled/installed the .dll injector with no change. Although it works fine when uninstalled.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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Re: Bioshock 1

Post by DrBeef »

I'd suggest you delete the profiles.xml from the config folder and copy in the original one from the Vireio release archive, that should sort it. Also make sure the game is rendering at 1920x1080.

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Re: Bioshock 1

Post by steve56716 »

I have a simular problem going when game starts in DIY Rift mode where the screen constantly shrinks to the upperleft corner, looks like the screen flys away on my HMD. I've tried it also on SBS mode and notice that it srinks one size smaller everytime I try to navigate through the perception setting(moving highlighter up and down, changing values, ect.).

I have not changed any setting either, here is any info you might need from me to help with this problem:

PC: Dell Optiplex GX620
CPU:Pentium D 3.40GHz
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

Bioshock game version 1.0 non-steam
perception version 3.0.0a2

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