Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition

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Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition

Post by Thilus »

This game would be an awesome candidate for VRBoost support, I think. Being a simple flight sim, it's very accessible, and it's a blast.

I can already play it with VorpX and it's actually pretty fun that way, but only with a straight-forward POV. After a LOT of effort I am unable to bind the game's cockpit-look function to the Rift's head tracking (or TrackIR, for that matter). Based on the voodoo I've already seen Perception perform, I'll bet you can make it happen.
The game runs very fast on modest hardware, looks great, and actually has pretty impressive device support for gamepads, HOTAS and the like. Frankly I'm amazed that I haven't seen this suggestion yet.

There are a few icky details like the special dogfight modes that might be a little airsick-inducing, but those moments are mostly optional and not a deal breaker.
Is anyone else familiar with this game? What do you think?

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Re: Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition

Post by DrBeef »

I had a quick look and according to ... ed_Edition it appears it isn't possible to adjust the FOV, which could be very problematic if the game doesn't provide an FOV in the range 110-120, which I expect it probably doesn't.

It's a shame as I agree it could work really well otherwise, but if the FOV is fixed, and is too low, then it would probably be unplayable.

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