[Request]Game Support for Payday 2

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[Request]Game Support for Payday 2

Post by ABadHaiku »

I recently started using Trinus Gyre (Google Cardboard), and it worked great... right up until it made my eyes bleed on Payday 2. I would love Vireio support for my favorite game, and I think the VR potential is great for it.

Also, this is my first time on the board, so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this.

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Re: [Request]Game Support for Payday 2

Post by baggyg »

This is the perfect place to post!

Payday 1/2 sounds good - I own both. Only issue is that it may be flagged as cheating online, so we would recommend only using this for local co-op or offline play.

I will add to our games to look at.

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Re: [Request]Game Support for Payday 2

Post by flaep »

Here we go.

disable Steamoverlay.

max FOV ingame is 100 and 75 for ironsight

Code: Select all

<profile game_name="Payday" game_exe="payday_win32_release.exe" game_type="0" />
its not realy tested or tuned in anyway.


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