the forest

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the forest

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hi iv got this up and running just need to get vr boost implemented here is my progress

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Re: the forest

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Re: the forest

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Good work but be careful to check threads first to see if there I'd already a request as this is a duplicate thread mate

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Re: the forest

Post by Krismu »


Nothing happens when I'm using Vireio Perception. I tried Side-by-Side and DIY Rift as I want to see it on my smart phone with NVidia streaming functionnality. I set the tracking option to "No tracking".

I'm posting here because I see it works for someone, but I have exactly the same with every games I tried (Team Fortress 2, Dead Space, League Of Legends, Warface, DayZ).

I launch it in administrator.

I have a GeForce GTX 970 and dowloaded the latest version 2.1.6.

Any clue ?


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