Cross-eyed view on VireioDLLInstaller Games

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Cross-eyed view on VireioDLLInstaller Games

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I've been trying VireioDLLInstaller and Perception on supported Steam game demos (free downloads to try before buying to see if it works).

* I successfully got VireioDLLInstaller and Perception working for Portal (demo).
* Team Fortress 2 & Estranged Act I (even though that not listed as supported but is supported by SteamVR) worked too! (but slowly on my 4GB 1.88GZ machine)

However three games are cross-eyed (therefore I have to close one eye to play them on the Rift): The Stanley Parable Demo, Bioshock Demo & Zeno Clash Demo. Any ideas?

Batman Arkham City Demo - Hangs just before play begins

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Cross-eyed view on VireioDLLInstaller Games

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Quite often a demo will be significantly different to the full game, since something like an injection driver is quite sensitive to changes to a games binary and configuration, it is fairly unusual that a demo will work, so I am not surprised you are seeing some issues.

For the cross-eyed games though, you could go into the Vireio Menu (CTRL+Q) then to Overall Settings and change the Swap Eyes setting. This is configured to work correctly for the full game, so this is one of the differences the demos have, expect you'll see other issues though.

Also, I am not that surprised the other source games work with the symlink installer, since a lot of the games still have the executable called hl2.exe, so Vireio sees this and assumes it is a different game (portal probably). I would be surprised if you get stereo separation and that the game actually looks ok.

Batman AC isn't supported by the current release, that is coming soon.

TL;DR: Unless it is an officially support full game, you are likely to get mixed and often disappointing results.

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