E-dimensional 3d glasses and tridef 3d

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E-dimensional 3d glasses and tridef 3d

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I have ed glasses and tridef. cant make them work together. my monitor type is lcd 60 hz. problem is
when i use ed activator... choose interlieved and no lcd mode in tridef test pattern i see in ground of the screen right image and in top i see left image whith my right eye
whith the left eye i can see in ground left image on top of the screen right image.

if i do like ed recommend and choose lcd mode 1 or lcd mode 2

in ground of the screen i can see both eyes right images, but on top of screen whith right eye can see left and right images(both) whith left can see tha same.

if syncronyzation is right it woul be only left images for left eye and only right images for right eye.

Did anyone have solve this problem. need help.

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Re: E-dimensional 3d glasses and tridef 3d

Post by cybereality »

There is very little support (if any) for 60Hz LCD screens and shutter glasses. Although some companies claim this works, most users have not had success. I remember maybe one or two people saying that it worked. For most other people, including myself, it just doesn't seem to work at all.

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