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3d vision glasses right lens angle sensitivity

Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:20 am
by rajkosto
Are my glasses defective, if i look through them directly perpendicular to the screen, the right eye gets a lot of white/brightness ghosting, even when the monitor is calibrated into ghostless mode (low contrast etc...)
however, if i push the glasses so that the left lcd is right in my left eye, while the right lcd is as far as possible from my right eye (essentially glasses rotated to the left by some degrees, same as if i look left a little (not look straight into the monitor) ), this ghosting in right eye completely disappears ! so i guess i just have a deformed head, and my right eye looks through the right lens at a weird angle, even when i stick my glasses as far into my eyes as possible... the ghosting i see in right eye is the one at the end of the video:" onclick=";return false;
how fix this ? looking constantly to the left is hurting my neck