RealD Ce4 = Sony shutter? IR?

Shutter glasses and custom polarized! Talk about them here.
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RealD Ce4 = Sony shutter? IR?

Post by tritosine5G »

Read the bit cauldron marketing paper again, and they feature "maximum brightness".

Thats bad news on image quality front: contrast willl be very bad, I for one definately want only 32% transmittance but 5000 contrast ratio. Thats why I use shutters in the first place, I dont want the screen's extinction property to interfere with the contrast. Shutter is brutal on the brightness front but can be compensated for .

So , there were these rumours about CE4 being sony shutter , indeed its remarkable, IR , emitter, all 'stimmt'.

Price went down in the process too :mrgreen:

I think its time to upgrade the nV glasses. I would even settle for wires if thats needed to make a cheap CE4 work ;) .

Oh one another thing, I think the outer polarizer layer is missing on these glasses, so one should buy the polarizer foil seperately to put in front of pj.
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