Lenses for quadcopter binocular FPV goggles?

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Lenses for quadcopter binocular FPV goggles?

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I know that this is not the main topic of this forum, but I think that it is the more appropriate for this kind of question.

I would like to build a binocular HMD/goggles for quadcopter FPV.
While I could design and manufacture the electronics parts, that's not the case for the optics.

The expected horizontal FOV is between 35° and 45°.
Due to this relatively narrow FOV, I cannot use VR headsets for smartphones.

I can get HD micro-displays with 10mm width, and these requirements should lead to lenses with small focal length (< 15mm).

Do you know where I could find quality lenses for this application ?

Thank you.

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