Samsung Odyssey Plus mod a clearer image??

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Samsung Odyssey Plus mod a clearer image??

Post by The_Nephilim »

Hey Guys,

I have a Samsung Odyssey Plus VR Headset. now while it is pretty cool I am pretty sure you are aware of the Anti SDE it uses. I was wondering if there was a way to disable that feature.. What it is from what I found out is there are OLEDS Surrounding the RGB Colored OLEDS and they absorb the light from around the other OLEDS and try aand hide the Sscreen Door Effect..

Now while this is good in theory it makes the imaage less crisp and a bit fuzzy.. I noticed one night when the headset had reset or loading the image in Steam VR House was crystal clear as it flashed while loading.. Now that prompted me to think is there a way I could disable the Anti Screen Door Effect in the headset through a LUA file or something.. IT is not too bad but when I seen how crystal clear the image could be I haad to see if there is a way to mod OUT the ASDE..

I am not talking about modding the VR Settings file for Target rendering that does nothing.. I am also not talking aabout just increasing the PD as that really does not make the image as sharp as I think it can be anyhow.. I need to Disable the Anti SDE in the headset somehow, I think I would rather have a crystal clear image then the SDE..

So is there some way to mod the headset to eliminate the Anti-SDE?
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Re: Samsung Odyssey Plus mod a clearer image??

Post by grumbel »

If you want to get rid of the SDE filter the easiest way is to get an original Samsung Odyssey without the Plus, as those don't have the SDE filter. Don't think you can mod it, as the filter is probably on the display itself and those aren't easy to take appart.

As for what you where seeing in SteamVR, there have been numerous bugs and issue with SteamVR/WMR interaction that caused it to use the wrong resolution, thus the image ended up much more blurry than it would need to. It should be fixed in the current version unless they have broken it again. This software issue however has nothing to do with the SDE filter.

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