VR Headset Construction Question

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VR Headset Construction Question

Post by rainthstrive »

Hello, I'm new to this forum. Read about it through an article about Palmer Luckey and his journey on making the Rift.

I'm desiging a VR headset, and I want to make it a standalone device. My first intuition was to repurpose a smartphone with a custom Android ROM, and so far it seems fairly possible, there's a recycling company nearby and I'm on talks to partner with them so I can experiment with different phone parts later on.
However, my second intuition tells me that it might not be possible to make a mobile device that's VR grade using recycled phones (I aim to make it as powerful as the Go at first, and as the Quest in the future), and might need to rely on using other technologies, even so, I believe that using recycled phone parts will add an extra value to the headset, as it could be a solution to the increasing problem of tech landfills.

I would appreciate some insight on what's been done before around here, as I can't really find much documentation on these matters, and if there's any guidelines on constructing VR HMDs in general.

Thank you!

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